The Wedding Seamstress   6520 Wadsworth Blvd 209B Arvada,CO80003   (720) 435-1004
The Wedding Seamstress
6520 Wadsworth Blvd 209B
ArvadaCO 80003
 (720) 435-1004

Reviews Of The Wedding Seamstress

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Heather Reagan
May 18, 2018

I highly recommend the crew at the Wedding Seamstress. Not only will they do a great job on your alterations, but they'll be super-cool to you throughout the process. For example: a few months ago, I had them do the alterations on my wedding dress (taking in the bodice and hemming some rather elaborate lace). They did great. I tried it on; all seemed well; I took it home. Now, just over a week before the wedding, I had the belated realization that the spaghetti straps on the dress were still just a little bit loose for my tastes. (Mostly I'm trying not to flash anyone.) So I called up the Wedding Seamstress and they were happy to get me in for an appointment the very next day. That day, suffering from a serious case of bride-brain, I headed out to my appointment -- without the dress. Fortunately, I realized before I got on the freeway, and I spoke with Gino up at WS, telling him I'd be late. He said no problem, and it wasn't. When I then had trouble finding the place (go up Wadsworth PAST McDonald's), Gino helped me out again. Once I managed to arrive -- dress in hand -- Gino helped me assess what was needed and then brought in Larissa for a second opinion. Once we were all in agreement that yes, taking it up just an inch ("and a quarter," pointed out Larissa) would be ideal, Gino explained that it'd be zero cost to me and Larissa would be able to take care of it right away, as I waited. It was mere minutes -- during which the very helpful Gino clued me in on a thing called "It Stays" adhesive roll-on, so as to further ensure no-flashing -- before my beautiful dress was back in my hands and back on my person. It fit PERFECTLY. They couldn't have been nicer about all of it. When I asked if I could at least tip them, Gino just smiled and said, "No, thank you, but we don't accept gratuities. We're happy to help." So I sufficed with an effusive thank you -- and was happy that of all the things that had gone wrong, bride-wise, for me that day, my time in the highly capable hands of the Wedding Seamstress staff was not among them. You can trust these guys with your dress AND your sanity. Thanks again, guys!

Camryn Olsen
May 11, 2018

Amazing people here! Thank you all so much for everything, my wedding dress is perfection!!

Katarina M. Pliego
Mar 22, 2018

They remade my wedding dress into a concert one, and did an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING job!! Not only that, the price was good, and they were very organized and always on time. I would recommend it to everyone, you will not be disappointed!

Kassi Hofstetter
Mar 16, 2018

I was on a time crunch and they did amazing work super fast!

Cara DeGrand
Mar 06, 2018

I found my dress via consignment and it was a diamond in the rough!! Beautiful 1920s-1930s inspired piece that had extremely complex patterns and seems. Not to mention it had to taken in from a size 16 to a size 6 😲. I had researched this place a d saw all the amazing reviews. After my first consultation with Dee Dee, I knew my dress was in great hands. Fast forward to a month later , and my dress was fitted to a T! I couldn't believe it. I got more emotional seeing my dress fitted to me, then when I actually went to pick it out. Just in Aw of the amazing talent they have there. You won't be sorry, your dress wull be in wonderfully talented hands!! Congrats on the new space team! It looks amazing!

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